my name is kelsey and i'm 23. i just graduated and i have no idea what to do.

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8:40am // On my way to school, one of the best bike rides I’ve ever had!


Haikyuu Quest postcards from ハイキュー!!繋げ!頂の景色 3DS game (Limited Edition)

I actually cried while translating Hajime-chan’s card.  Someone help me plan my wedding with this boy I swear to god he is literally perfect also damn those white pants are fine.  Very firm yes.


ANOTHER ANATOMY POST! Only three vertebrate groups have successfully evolved flight: Birds, Bats, and Pterosaurs, which are NOT dinosaurs, and are an extremely diverse group of reptiles! Pterodactyl is not the only one. However, birds ARE dinosaurs. Avian dinosaurs!

Wings are not some extra structure you tack on to a creature and somehow the arms go away— they ARE arms. Think about that when you are designing creatures with wings and also giving them arms. That means your creature has six limbs.

Next anatomy post: The anatomy and evolution of DRAGONS. If you guys have any requests, feel free to send them in!

Monday, September 29, 2014
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